To My Three Oldest Friends

We've laughed together, cried together and shared our hopes and fears We've been silly, serious, fanciful, shared our secrets over the years

Three very close friends in my life, each one unique and very different To one, shared childhood woes, to the others, children, husband and present

Though distance keeps me from my childhood friend A quick visit after thirty years renews our connection again

She tells me, at first, it felt like we would be strangers But a few hours together and we're acting like teenagers

We're fifty now, all grown up, but never serious Though hard times when we were children, we can now just be us

My two other friends, in the same town as I Seeing each other often, letting me know I can, on them, rely

To comfort me in sorrow, to joke and laugh over coffee For me to lend an ear, whenever they need to talk to me

I love my friends, each one in a very special way I rest knowing the friendship will grow day by day

Though we may sometime be separated Our hearts will always be integrated

Wherever we go, whatever we do This friendship won't change, because you are you

by Brenda Beaton, Nov. 8, 2007

by Brenda Beaton, Nov. 8, 2007